An acronym for Marianist Institute of Rural Artisans for Christian Life Education, MIRACLE is a national training institute located in the western outskirts of Karonga District, a fairly small township in northern end of Malawi. About a kilometre away from Karonga Airport and sharing its compound with renowned Chaminade Catholic Secondary School. MIRACLE is owned and operated by the Society of Mary (Marianist) whose headquarters is in the Region of Eastern Africa.

Since its inception in 2000, it has traded under full name: Miracle Technical Institute and it is on record of graduating in excess of 100 skilled youths every calendar year. This, in essence, reinforces the core objective of the Institute that seeks to equip poor orphans in Karonga with trade talents appropriate for rural market as well as life skills necessary for a virtuous life. It is evident that the acquired skills have unshackled the targeted underprivileged youths from the chains of poverty and distress.